What is car wrapping?


Car wrapping is the complete or partial stickering or gluing of your car. This is often done by companies and foundations. It ensures that you stand out wherever you drive in the world. You have, as it were, a foil or sticker applied to the paint of the car. This does not even have to be expensive. It depends on the size of the car and your requirements. Compared to repainting a car in a different color, it is even cheap. So it's also an ideal solution when you want a different color. This is also possible.

Where can you get your car wrapped?

Throughout the Netherlands you can find car dealers or specialist companies that can wrap a car. Your choice of company depends on your wishes. There can be differences in the options they offer. An experienced company often has more graphic options or possibilities. But it's not only good for attracting new customers. It also ensures that the paint runs less damage. And this results in a higher sales value.

What are the costs for car wrapping?

The costs of car wrapping are very different. It all depends on the wishes you have. But also the size of the car and the number of corners they have to use. The number of letters and the size of your company logo also play a role. When you only have it done on one side, it is cheaper than over the whole car. And when you use 1 color it's also cheaper than multiple colors. A real fixed price is also not to mention. This is because a company that has more customers can buy their stuff cheaper.

Who gets a car wrapping?

Companies have their cars wrapped. But to mention a specific sector is exaggerated. Everyone who wants to stand out does it. Healthcare providers do this to show that they work in the region. A taxi company does it again to show how they are accessible. And a construction company does it again to show what projects they are participating in. But it's also done by private individuals all the time. It is seen as a replacement for repainting the car. And it is much cheaper.

The advantages of car wrapping

Car wrapping is much cheaper than repainting a car. That is actually the main reason why people choose this option. It has been proven that you get more phone calls or internet visits when you advertise on the car. So it's not only cheaper in your wallet but it might also bring in new customers. Also, the paint of your car will last longer because there is an extra layer on it. This can make a considerable difference in the price when you sell your car.

The process of car wrapping

Usually the car is already fully treated within 3 days. The process of car wrapping starts by analyzing the dimensions of the car. Next, the dimensions are worked out in a neat way and companies often do this by computer. It's best to do this in an environment of 21 degrees Celsius or more. Usually they start with the easier sides of a car. This because the last corners require a lot of time and attention. It is also easy to move film that has not been properly adhered. When you start in the corner, it becomes a mess and you don't want that. Ofcourse the smith doesn't reveal everything, because then anyone could do it.

Why do you have a car wrapped?

Many people have their car wrapped when they need a new look. This is also a good solution when you want your car to be a different colour. But it is mainly used by companies. This is done to make advertisements and other external features clear to their customers. This can be done striking and unobtrusive. Texts like call this company and visit the website are most common. But also health care providers do this more and more. This is because it is better to notice where they are active.

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