What are the prices for a dormer?


Prices for a dormer including installation start at €3000. You then have a wooden dormer which is pre-assembled in the factory or shop. If you prefer a traditional model, prices start at €4000. Depending on your wishes and requirements, the price can increase even further. A plastic dormer is available straight from the factory from €3750. However, this is a wise investment, also for the future. A plastic dormer adds value to a house.
A polyester dormer is usually delivered from 4250. However, this is a sustainable choice because together with good insulation you can save a lot on energy costs. The above indications are based on the standard size of 1.5 by 2.5 metres.

Wooden dormer prices

The price for a wooden dormer including installation starts at €3000. This is the most sold dormer in the Netherlands. This is because it is also the cheapest. On average, these last 25 years so that is just over € 100 per year what you have paid for the dormer. But it is also chosen a lot because it is obligatory in older houses. The insulation is less, which means that you can expect higher energy costs. One of the advantages is that it is often made of plywood. This ensures that it is maintenance friendly and that repair is not expensive in most cases. For custom made projects you usually pay €1000 or more extra. Think of special wishes like patterns and colours.

Plastic dormer prices

The prices of a plastic dormer start at €3750. One of the advantages is that it requires even less maintenance than a wooden dormer. Also, this is more easily affected by weather conditions such as rain, hail or storm. You will also notice an energy saving. These dormers insulate much better. A new development is that people like the wood look better. But also these dormers can be given in wood-look variants. The life span of these dormers is 50 years on average, which is double. And that for only a few hundred euros more. This investment pays off in the long run.

Polyester dormer prices

A polyester dormer has prices starting at around €4250 depending on your requirements. This is also a sustainable choice because it is completely biodegradable for the environment. In addition, these dormers are even better insulated. This ensures that you will be warm in the room where it is installed. But more importantly, you can save a lot of money on energy costs. This dormer has an even longer life span and therefore also offers a high added value to your house.

How can you save on dormer prices?

If you want to save on dormer prices, the best thing to do is to request several quotes. Most companies use different prices. The installation of the dormer may be more expensive with one company than with another. But you can also search the internet for offers. With some regularity you will see them pass by cheaper. However, you must be careful that assembly is then also included. When you compare offers you can also see the differences between companies. This gives you a good negotiating position with which you can probably save hundreds of euros.

What are the prices for a larger dormer?

The prices for a larger dormer vary between companies. This is partly dependent on the lines they have within a company. When you order something straight from the factory, you pay much less than in the store. You see this not only with dormers but also with other articles. On average there is about €750 per extra meter counted. Always inform in advance if this is allowed by the municipality, landlord or housing association. It is possible that this is not allowed everywhere. So pay attention before you order a dormer.

What are the prices for a dormer?

You can divide the prices for a dormer into 3 categories. Starting with a cheap dormer that you can have mounted from €3000. This is a wooden dormer which will last approximately 25 years on average. Then you have the plastic dormer which starts in the price range of €3750. For this money you have a better price-quality ratio. But also the life span of plastic is many times longer, namely about 50 years. Then for the people who want the best insulation there is the more expensive version. This starts at €4000 but insulates many times better than the previous variants. It also lasts longer and is fully recyclable.

What choices determine the price of a dormer?

The prices of a dormer are determined by the choices you can make. If you choose for a dormer straight from the factory then you have the cheapest. But if you want a traditional or custom dormer then you will quickly pay about 750 euros or more. In addition, the choice of material is also a decisive factor in the price. However, you extend the life span many times more with it. And you save enormously on your energy costs because of the better insulation. Size also plays a role and you pay about 750 euros per meter extra that you need. And there is also a difference between dormers for a flat roof or a sloping roof. Eventually you can expand this with options such as a roller shutter, knee racks or hinges and locks.

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