Does black marble really exist?


Black marble does not officially exist because it is extracted from a different limestone. However, it is a popular product and is widely used for sculpture and flooring. It is also widely used for making decorative products and tables. This is because it gives a luxurious look with beautiful natural characteristics. It is a personal item because no 1 item is exactly the same. In addition, due to many technological developments, you can also get different motifs. Where before you only saw some stripes between the marble stone you see today more and more surfaces. A rough finish is also often chosen so that you are even closer to nature. It is often characterized by the white veins you see through the tabletop or floor. It is a sturdy material that you can have custom made by the craftsman.

What is the cost of black marble?

You can get black marble in different price ranges. This also depends on the thickness of the material. On average this is between 2 and 3 cm. In addition, you can also have it finished to a height of about 8 cm. This ensures that the prices can differ a lot. In most cases the price is between 125 and 225 euros. You can also have it polished so that it shines even more. However, you will pay a little extra for this.

Sometimes you can also get a discount by signing a maintenance contract. The specialists then come and treat it annually so that every year it will look like new again. For larger projects there is also often a reduced hourly rate which again allows you to save. Of course it is also smart to keep an eye on offers in the brochures and online. At best, you can save up to 40% on the purchase and installation of these floors.

What are the benefits?

Black marble gives a look that is close to nature. You can see very clearly the difference between the different tops which also makes it a unique way of decorating. When you have it treated annually it is easy to maintain. It is best to clean the floor with non-chemical products such as green soap. In most cases just tepid or warm water will do as well. It is a smooth material that you can easily go over with a cloth when there is dust on it. So it always looks hygienic without the need for daily cleaning. It is also easy to work with so it can be customized for everyone. Some want to stay close to nature and choose a rough finish. While the other chooses a smooth and shiny finish.

The history of black marble

Black marble is a type of limestone that has been in nature for thousands of years. Here it has been under high temperatures and a lot of pressure, making it a rock-solid material. This also ensures that if you put a pan on a marble table there will be no rings. In addition, you can also move objects around more easily because it is a scratch and impact-resistant material. Also, you can have it finished the way you find it most comfortable. Originally it is found in the mountains of Greece and Italy. Officially, the black color may not be called marble because it is a different limestone. However, it has been sold as marble for decades and that is what people have in mind. It is a product with a timeless design that fits into almost every household.

The best known disadvantages of this material

Black marble can become porous if you don't handle it properly. It is always wise to put a top coat on this beforehand so that it does not become porous. In addition, it is also important that you clean it annually with a special cleaner. Every 3 to 5 years the floor will have to be re-polished to make it look like it always was in the beginning. You should also be careful with spills because this can quickly soak into the floor. It is wise to dry it as soon as possible or wipe it down with lukewarm water. This way you can enjoy the floor for decades. After all, it is a material that lives. It should also be properly impregnated to give it a moisture-resistant coating. To keep the floor good for as long as possible, time is money and if you catch it in time you can even get wine out of the floor.

What is the charm of black marble?


What is the best way to combine black marble with?


What is the best way to maintain this product?

It is best to start by polishing black marble. Then you will enjoy the shine for 3 to 5 years and it will continue to do so every year you have it redone. In addition, it is not necessary to use chemical detergent or vinegar. In fact, this is not recommended because it could possibly cause stains. It is also important to have the floor impregnated so that it can become moisture resistant. Marble is a living material and it is necessary to have this done. Otherwise, you have to be very quick to dry the floor. This way you can avoid damaging the floor. It also ensures that the floor lasts as long as possible. The lifespan can be as long as 100 years or more. This limestone can withstand a lot.

In what rooms can black marble be used?

Black marble is mostly used in washrooms. Take for example the bathroom where it gives a luxurious look to the room. Or how about the toilet where you see it coming back more and more. In the industrial styles you often see this color coming back in the floors and objects used for this. It is a strong material that is easy to maintain. It is also possible to use a rough finish that gives the house a tough look. Various techniques are available for this, but you can also leave it rough in its original style. The material can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. It is also sometimes used to emphasize certain pieces of furniture. A dark background and light furniture make the furniture shine and stand out. Also, the unique textures are an element for which people buy these marble products.

What products are made of black marble

There are many products that can be made from black marble. This rock is good for shaping into different objects. Many people choose a floor of this color because it is an easy floor to maintain. There are also many tables available in various shapes that have a top made from this limestone. There are also tea light holders that are made from this material. These are easy to keep clean and retain their natural color longer. It can also be used for a bathroom sink, for example. This is then usually on a lighter color or wood look. Of course, you can combine it with any style you like best. Men also love this style because they mostly like the dark colors. Of course, there are still many products that can be customized from this.

What can you combine it with in your home?

The black marble can be combined in any place in the house. For example, in the garden you can combine it with the beautiful green plants. It is then important that you maintain them well so that they keep their color well. Also, it is a piece of limestone that is widely used in bathrooms and toilets. This is because it is easy to maintain. It is also a strong material that can take a beating. This is especially useful in the hospitality industry where they can sometimes drop a glass. It is also used in companies to generate a luxurious look for customers. Sometimes you even see it in sauna or wellness facilities. Countless people walk around here and the floor has to be able to withstand moisture and a beating.

What is so unique about this product

It is an ancient product black marble because it was created in the mountain ranges. This ensures that they have undergone high pressure from the mountain and nature. This in turn ensures the rock hardness that allows you to keep this material good for so long. Also, it is a living product what the lines or surfaces do not run completely straight. This creates an item that no one else 100% can have the same in his or her interior. This way you give your own twist to your style and therefore your interior. In addition, it is a very hard material that can withstand the heat of pans very well. The use of coasters is no longer necessary here so you can put it straight from the stove on the table.

Using black marble in your interior design

You can use black marble in more places in your interior besides the bathroom. There are also many people who choose an ironclad countertop made of it. This is not only easier to keep clean, but also less prone to scratches or cracks. In addition, it gives the kitchen a very cool look when combined with the right accessories. It is one of the most sought after natural materials worldwide and this is also due to the timeless design that this product has. There are more than 100 techniques that can be used for finishing. In addition, it is a natural product which is alive because the patterns are not all within the lines. Some people also find this gives a beautiful and playful character. This way your house breathes warmth and personality.

Finishes common to black marble

There are many different types of finishes possible with black marble. For example, the limestone is usually chosen with a top coat. This way, you can also polish it and it gives a nice shine for several years. After that, you have to have it polished again and then you can end up doing up to 100 years with this material. They also have thicker types with small cracks in them. This is not dangerous, but it takes you back to the origin of this natural product.

Get laid quickly and inexpensively

The larger the space is the more economical you can have black marble laid as flooring or tiles. Often the price per square meter is cheaper because they do more work right after each other. This also ensures that they finish faster so they can offer a good price. Another advantage is that it is done 100 % well. This way you can do the longest with these floors or tiles. They are usually impregnated against moisture. It is also increasingly common to see a gloss layer applied over this product. This creates a more luxurious look.

Choose black marble in your household today

Black marble is appearing in more and more households today. This is because it is a color that fits into any style. It is also a timeless item that you can use for a long time. In addition, it is also item that can become shiny. This is often done by polishing this material. With this, you ensure that it will look like new for several years. Most people repeat this every 3 or 5 years. In addition, it needs a good taste turn annually with special detergent. This way you can enjoy a low-maintenance floor for the rest of the year.

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