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What is a mental coach?


A mental coach helps you to improve your mental health. This ensures that you regain control over your life instead of the other way around. Unnoticed you can be stuck in a negative spiral without noticing it yourself. The only thing you notice is extra fatigue or a shorter fuse but where it comes from is the big question. This is a pattern you do not want to be in. This may be due to a partner or job that does not suit you. Or by too much work in business or private life. The most important thing is that you are not stubborn and dare to ask for help.

What does mental coaching do?

A mental coach helps you to better understand your body and mind. Many people are not aware why they have less energy or are grumpy but would like to break this pattern. These situations can cause you to not be happy and therefore not feel good about yourself. There are many factors that influence this, but mostly it has to do with your family, sport or work. The coach helps you to make your own life happy again and to take control of your life. This can be by taking another job but also by saying no more often when you don't feel like it. The main goal of the mental coach is to make you see where you are going wrong and what you can do about it.

The added value of mental coaching

A mental coach helps you to feel better about yourself. This prevents a short fuse at work or at home. But it also ensures that you wake up rested and full of energy. For everyone it has a different value but the main thing is that you are in control of your feelings again. There is often an intensive treatment needed but it is more than worth it. This is because in the long run you will be much happier and you can share this with others.

Preventing burn-out with mental coaching

You can prevent burnout by going to a mental coach in time. Burnout is caused by many moments of unhappiness. It is not always that you notice it beforehand but in 9 out of 10 cases you notice that you are not happy. It is a long process that goes from bad to worse and can have great consequences for your life and work.
Many employers do not understand burnout and it can be a reason for early dismissal. Officially this is not allowed but because a burnout can last for a very long time they will want to buy you out in the long run. If you suspect that someone in your surroundings is suffering from burnout, talk to them. A mental coach can prevent burnout.

Results mental coach

You notice the results of a mental coach in an early stage. For example, you dare to tell your employer that you do not agree with something. Or you get up in the morning much fitter and you get through the day better. In the long run you get your thoughts better under control. This ensures that you are more enjoyable for your environment. Or that you change back into that carefree person you used to be. The doom scenarios disappear from your head and you are happy again. Who would not want this?

Get your thoughts under control

The most important part of mental coaching is getting thoughts under control. A mental coach helps you to identify where the (negative) thoughts come from. When you know the cause of the problem you can work on solving it. This can be done in small steps but some people also benefit from rigorous steps. Together you can make sure that the thoughts no longer dominate your life and you can be happy. Don't let negative thoughts take over your life anymore.

Mental coach increases awareness

An important element to tackle problems is that you increase your awareness. A mental coach will always look for the causes of the problem or the negative thoughts. When you have found these, it's time to become aware of them. Important questions such as who am I and what do I stand for will be asked during this treatment. But most important are the questions like what do I want to achieve and what is my vision in life. When you have this well under control, there is a good chance that you can get a burn-out. Nobody wants this and therefore it is always wise to become aware of yourself. A mental coach helps and supports you with this.

When do you go to a mental coach?

The prejudice that you only need a mental coach after a burn-out is totally unjustified. When you only start coaching, you are already too late to tackle the problem quickly and effectively. If you notice that you feel less good about yourself, it is already time to raise the alarm. This prevents severe limitations such as a burn-out that can last for months or years. It is not something that just happens in one day, but something that has been going on for a long time. 

If you notice that you are (much) unhappy with the daily routine then it is already smart to ask for help. The mental coach can then assess whether it is wise to do an intake or that this is not necessary yet. Asking costs nothing and it can only give you clarity.

Why do you go to a mental coach?

When you experience dissatisfaction for a long time and want to get rid of this, a mental coach is the solution. He or she will search with you for the cause of these negative thoughts. When you have found the cause you can start with the recovery. Often there are several underlying events or thoughts for 1 problem. It is not 1,2,3 done and good work takes time. A mental coach helps you deal with thoughts both positive and negative. He or she has years of experience in the profession. By consulting a mental coach in time you can prevent serious consequences like a burn-out.

Understanding your thoughts

When your thoughts ask for a lot of attention you want to understand them. A mental coach will work with you to learn to understand them. It is not only the question why is this thought in me. But also questions like why and how is it possible that I worry about this so much. Often there are underlying thoughts connected to this. Often questions come from the change in a pattern. That may be being happy with a new partner. But people also go to a coach when they have to deal with a dismissal. When you have the basic knowledge about your thoughts, you can transform the feelings, understand them and learn to deal with them.

How does a mental coach work?

A mental coach does not work with 1 standard approach. This is because for every person a different approach is needed. After all, everyone deals with feelings or problems differently. One can mourn for years while the other does not even shed a tear. Did you know that many people experience excessive stress because of their work? This is one of the most common problems when people start mental coaching. But it could also be that you are unhappy in your current relationship or that you are struggling with raising your children. When you feel that it's becoming a big problem to deal with then you raise the alarm. A plan will then be tailored to get this under control.

With which situations can you contact a mental coach?

You can hire a mental coach for everything that has to do with feelings, thoughts or emotions. Also when you want to learn to deal with time pressure you can turn to a coach. For example, they can set up a planning together with you. But also when you often have a negative feeling at work like 'why do I have to do this again? This can cause unconscious stress and then you automatically become unhappy. Or what about an unexpected pregnancy that can lead to a lot of negative thoughts. Every situation is unique and therefore there is not one method that works for every problem.

Asking for mental coaching

Asking for a mental coach is something you can do without shame. Asking for help is never something you should be ashamed of. It can only help you to feel better and be happier. When you experience a lot of stress at home or at work, this increases the risk of a burn out. This is something you have to prevent at all times, because it can dominate your whole life for a long time. Thinking in the right way has many more advantages than most people realize. Making the right choices makes you feel happier. When you ask for help, you too can achieve this.

Who is the mental coach for?

For anyone who has negative thoughts or experiences problems with emotions. A mental coach helps especially with people who regularly have to deal with stress or pressure. But it can also be that the balance between work and private life needs to be addressed. Or when you have a lot of questions about your health, for example with the corona pandemic, it can be useful. There is nothing wrong with worrying a few times a day, but worrying all day long can cause unconscious stress. This can make you very unhappy and give you a lot of negative thoughts. It is a sustainable training, course or session, just how you want to see it. It contributes to better mental health for now and in the future.

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