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What can you do in Bocas del toro?


Bocas del toro is a group of islands located near Costa Rica. Bocas del toro is located in a Caribbean region and therefore has a lot of beautiful white beaches with clear blue water. Bocas del toro belongs to Panama and is thus located in Central America. There is a lot to do on the islands, so many people find it a very nice place to go on vacation. The things you can do in Bocas del toro we will discuss in this text. We don't know if you like the sound of it so much that you decide to go there on vacation, too.


The most famous and largest island of Bocas del toro

The largest and best-known island of the Bocas del toro archipelago is Isla Colon. Because this island is the most famous among tourists, the island is also simply called Bocas del toro. On this island there are the most restaurants, hotels and tour guides. Therefore, this is the island where most tourists go when they visit the Bocas del toro archipelago. The other islands are more known for their beautiful beaches, while Isla Colon is best known for its restaurants, clubs, bars and cafes. the island does have beaches, of course, but tourists often find these less beautiful and special than those on the less touristy islands.


Backpacking to and through the archipelago

Something many tourists do when they go to Bocas del toro is backpack across the various islands. This is because the islands are very cheap for tourists and you can easily go island hopping with water cabs. Moreover, there is a lot to do on the different islands. People therefore like to travel on to a different part of the island every few days, or to a completely different island. After all, there are different things to do on one island than on another. And each island has its own peculiarities and sights worth taking a look at.


Visiting Bastimentos Island

If you go on vacation for the beautiful beaches and to relax, Bastimentos Island is the perfect island from the island group of Bocas del toro. This is because the island is surrounded by super beautiful white beaches. Bastimentos Island is a lot less touristy than Bocas del toro is. As a result, you will also find almost no nightclubs, stores or real restaurants. In fact, the only restaurants and stores on the island are those of the hotels. Otherwise, the island is mainly focused on the beautiful beaches it has. Isla Bastimentos is geared more towards families who go there for a vacation to relax and Bocas del toro is mainly geared towards people who are backpacking. So you are more likely to come there for the nature and views rather than eating out and shopping.


What is there to do on the island of Solarte?

The island of Solarte also has very beautiful beaches. In addition, the island has a piece of tropical rainforest and coral reefs in the sea. Also this island is there mainly for the people who come to enjoy the beautiful nature and tranquility. There are less than five accommodations all over the island. However, you can take the water cab to Bocas del toro for that. This only takes about ten minutes and doesn't cost much money. The island itself is a bit more expensive than Bocas del toro is, though. The island of Solarte is much more quiet than the island of Bastimentos, making it really for people who like peace and quiet. 


What can you do on the island of Carenero

The island of Carenero is very close to the island of Bocas del toro. This island is only a minute boat ride from the main island of Bocas del toro. Carenero itself is a very quiet island, where there is not much to do. people go here to enjoy the peace and nature. Because the island is so close to Bocas del toro, tourists can go there for a day trip. There they can enjoy the many restaurants and crowds, and then go back to the quiet island. You can choose to go island hopping across the different islands of Bocas del toro. This way you can enjoy the tranquility, nature and the beautiful white beaches, but it is also possible to go to a city for a day of eating and shopping.

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