What's a private jet?


A private jet is a plane only you can book. You usually have a fixed airport where the plane is ready for use. It also costs money to park the aircraft outside or in a hangar. Depending on the location you pay an amount for this. Especially business people and entrepreneurs have one in their possession. This to get as fast as possible to the other side of the world or border. But you can also discuss your business in a luxurious variant. This is convenient without the interference of other people in the plane. But also private persons use this to go on holiday with friends, family and acquaintances. You can also choose to rent a plane.

What are the costs for a private jet?

The average price of a Private jet is between 500.000 and 5.000.000 euro. It depends on your wishes and demands to have one. If you only want to travel from a to b in some comfort then it can be under a million euros. But maybe you want luxury refrigerators or other equipment on board. Or you want bigger seats and the latest technical gadgets. Then you are quickly at 3 million euros or more. Keep in mind that this is only a part of the investment.

Additional costs Private jet

Because maintenance often costs much more and you need to have a good buffer for that when you fly on a regular basis. Also you need to have the right papers or hire a pilot. This can also be quite expensive. That's why they sometimes say it costs 50,000 euros when you fly about 10 times a year. Everything above that is more expensive.

What should you look for when buying a Private jet?

It is best to buy a new Private jet. Buying a second hand one requires a lot of knowledge. Of course there are also experts who can check this for you but this will cost several thousand euros. It is important to know which parts are replaced and how long they are in it. This gives you a contraindication about the life span of parts and the plane. It is also important to know what is in it and if it is real or imitation. This is not only important for the price but also for the safety and longevity. Usually you can make a test drive and then you can experience as a co-pilot what the skills of this plane are.

Advantages of having your own private jet

Most people cite the biggest advantage of having a Private jet is that you can go anywhere at any time. You are more flexible as a flight schedule. However, you should always check with the airport you are flying from. After all, you don't want to bump into another plane. You also have less worries about the number of transfers you have to make. And it saves a lot of time because you don't have to deal with delays and transfers. You usually fly a direct route so you are not bound to stopovers. Although it can be nice to have a stopover once in a while.
Disadvantages of a Private Jet

Rent a Private Jet

If you don't have enough money to buy a private jet you can also rent one. Many people who own one rent it out from time to time when they have no plans of their own. The cost of renting a private jet varies greatly. This has to do with the fee they have to pay for the airport. But also the amount of luxury you find in the plane. The more bells and whistles the higher the rental price. Usually you can also rent a pilot if you don't have a pilot's license yet. It's smart to find out more about this on the internet.


It is just how much money you have in your own possession. If you prefer privacy, then renting or buying a private jet is recommended. Make sure that the proper safety checks are done in advance and that you can see them. So you can travel safely. Without any stops or transfer time you will arrive faster at your destination.

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