Securing your van mechanically, here's how to do it


Securing your van mechanically, here's how to do it

Are you a business owner and have a van? Then you know that the van is crucial for you to do your job. After all, the van takes you to your customers, making it indispensable. Unfortunately, thieves often target vans, making it important to mechanically secure your van. 

By this we do not mean electronic security, such as an alarm system, but locks that contain no electronics. Therefore, the chances of malfunctions are extremely low while the locks are very effective in reducing the chances of theft. In this blog we will discuss the different ways you can mechanically secure your van, take advantage of them!

OBD security

OBD security protects the OBD connector of your bus. This is important because through this connector criminals can read new keys and then make off with your bus. OBD security ensures that access to the OBD connector is blocked. You can use a key to unlock it, so it remains possible for the garage to access your van's software.

Hood lock

Unfortunately, most vans are equipped from the factory with a hood lock that is not too strong. As a result, some criminals break open the hood and make off with valuable parts. Think of the battery, for example. 

With a solid hood lock you provide additional locking of the hood. The hood lock is also operated with a key that allows you to lock and unlock the lock.

Cargo Area Protection

Cargo space security is especially important if you have valuables in your cargo space. Think, for example, of expensive tools or orders you will be delivering to customers. Cargo space security consists of locks on cargo space access points and the installation of window grilles if windows are present in the cargo space.

Operation is very simple. A control panel is mounted in the driver's cabin that allows you to simultaneously lock and unlock all the locks in the cargo space at the push of a button. Usually this button is mounted on the partition near the passenger seat, which can of course be deviated from by agreement. 

Gearbox lock

The Bearlock brand has developed an ingenious lock that locks the gearshift. Therefore we also speak of a gearbox lock. Like the other locks, you operate this lock with a little key that you leave in place while driving. When you leave your bus you turn the key and the lock is locked. So the operation is very user-friendly.

Have locks installed by a specialist

We recommend that you have the various locks installed by a specialist and do not set to work yourself. The reason for this is that the installation must be done correctly so that the locks can provide the best possible protection.


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