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What's a horror clown?


A horror clown is someone who gives you the creeps. Where the classic clown chooses to treat you with glee, this clown is often a bit more sadistic. In addition, they will often bring friends along to make your nightmares come true. They will also try to scare you. Many times you will see them appear during holidays such as Halloween. However, you can also encounter them in a haunted house at the fair. Or how about an exciting escape room? The first movie that appeared about this clown was released in 1990. The movie was called It and was based on the stories of Stephen King. In 2017, this movie was also re-released after which the Halloween celebration became even more successful in several countries. Today, we also celebrate it more and more often in the Netherlands. There is nothing more fun than a themed party!

Where can you encounter the horror clown?

Starting in the 1990s, we saw more and more amusement parks and carnival rides where the horror clown appeared. It is a popular character that can no longer be left out of our society. The original purpose of this clown is to kill people during the dark nights. Of course, this does not really happen, but there are a lot of shows where this seems lifelike. The story of these clowns you will never forget and will haunt you for several days or weeks. In addition, you also see more and more people going past the doors dressed as this character. Several horror movies have been made featuring these clowns. In these, the story of each clown is different, but of course the basics are always the same. Sometimes the stories have a little more depth which also allows you to learn more about the characters.

Walibi halloween fright nights

During Halloween fright nights at Walibi, you will come face to face with the park's horror clown. Eddie the clown has been a huge success in this park since 2007. This year, despite the corona crisis, there were still 11 sold-out nights. In this the visitors gave their fate in the hands of this clown. Every day it is a surprise what will happen and you don't even have control over the fate. You will also be surprised at various locations in the park by Eddie's zombie friends.

There are also several haunted houses at the amusement park that you can visit. There is also an abandoned bumper car attraction, but even there it is alive with the nights of Halloween. It is a story that has a different theme every year. Also, it is something you must have experienced to discover the true meaning of halloween.

What makes the horror clown so terrifying?

The horror clown is made terrifying by grime artists and make up artists. In most cases, you see them using a white face with black or red features. The red is used for the gory part. In addition, the black of course are used for giving fear and character to the clown. There is a lot of difference between the artists' make up. In fact, this is something that is precisely what gives a percentage personality. In addition, there is often swarthy and sadistic humor. Also, there are characters who can be admired all year round at a fairground, for example. You do often see that the make up during Halloween is many times more realistic than at the fair. However, the fairground is again more accessible to young children.

The success of an Eddie the clown the Netherlands' most famous horror clown

Eddie the clown is a horror clown played by Rudy Hellewegen. He appears several nights each year at Walibi Holland where he scares the hell out of visitors. He makes sure visitors' worst nightmares come true. This is done through the characters but also the special effects. He has all the freedom because he is the one who decides the fate for you. In 2011, he played a loving role because he was enchanted. However at the end of halloween, this enchantment was broken by Professor Mortis. He arranged for Eddie to become again the terrifying clown that is still a success in the park today. The success caused him to have a large scare zone in the park where he can take visitors anywhere.

The call to anyone looking for excitement and adventure

During Halloween, the horror clown is the figurehead of these days. Therefore, he or she usually appeals to all people to visit them if they are not too scared. It is an adventure that can enthrall you at both young and old ages. Also, these clowns make sure to scare the hell out of someone who is never scared. They often find this the most fun so that the people who are always frightened feel equal to these persons for a change. In addition, they usually have a story to tell about their background and the family they come from. This makes visitors better understand the function of this clown, but beware because he strikes at unexpected moments. You may just have to run for your life!

Celebrating Halloween with children and a horror clown

You can also visit or hire a horror clown with children. However, you have to be just a little bit more careful that they get scared a little faster. Often some neutral makeup is used to make sure they won't be awake for weeks. Later in life they will become more interested and be able to tolerate more fear. However, it is wise to ask first if they can have this. After all, you can suffer a lot from this, which in turn limits development. In addition, it is also smart to prepare them a bit for what could possibly happen. There are also many parents who do not start this protection. But there is nothing like a little fear so that you are less likely to have this later in life.

What is the success of the horror clown?

The success of the horror clown actually came about because of the movie It. This was a film adaptation of Stephen King's books. It caused us to learn about this character for the first time. In the world of horror, it was a true success which caused it to expand to shows and attractions as well. This character is not only part of Halloween, but is often present throughout the year on social channels and at fairs. Also, it is also a character which has different forms. When you have one that has given you the scare of your life it may just be that another one will follow. It is also possible that the next year the clown will look different which will scare you again. Also, they often have a story to tell.

Where can you know him from?

Most people know the horror clown from the movies, but you can also recognize him from Walibi. Here, every year during halloween, there are several evenings where the scares are given. It is an experience, but also with a story. Every year they have a new story to tell. This year, Eddie was going to leave because he couldn't handle the developments. But did he really leave?

The answer to that is no because a clown remains attached to his fixed territory. Also, he or she has only 1 goal in life and that is to scare people. Of course he wants to do this with as many people as possible at the same time and then this is the place to be. Also, there are more and more movies in which the role of this clown is central. It is one of the most frightening characters in the whole world

What does the horror clown usually look like

There are many make up artists who get requests every year around Halloween to create a horror clown. Make no mistake but a lot of hours go into this before you get the desired result. This year we even noticed that the make up artists were completely full. It goes beyond putting on a scary suit and putting on some white face paint. It's the right the details that allow a character to personalize themselves. The more attention to detail there is the scarier the clown actually comes across. This does not just use black, but rather a lot of red and blood in the right places. This shows that they have committed real murders and that you have to run for your life. Also, of course, it makes you more likely to get scared because the experience is lifelike.

Why is there often a fuss about this?

There is always much ado about the horror clown to be found on the Internet. After all, the character is known for his sadistic sense of humor that not everyone can stand. However, if you visit a show or attraction where you know this can happen, there is no need to make a fuss about it. It's just a different story when you go through the neighborhood with this. In most cases young children also live here who cannot be inside all day. When you are out in the garden or on the street being a clown, they can be very frightened.

For example, there was even someone 14 years old who once chased a clown away with blows. They don't do this on purpose, but it is something you have to take into account. Therefore, it is something that most people only do after 9 p.m. at night so that they can take this into account as much as possible. It is best to have the parties indoors because people on the street can become aggressive due to being scared. Possibly you could also announce it so that people are prepared for this.

What does the horror clown do?

The main goal of the horror clown is to scare people. He or she will do everything possible to scare people. During a show, your fate is even placed in the hands of this clown. They usually do everything they can to make sure you share your worst nightmare. With the special effects today, they can mimic this for the most part. The audience will laugh, but you are the one who still needs to recover from the scare. This is why they have built a hospitality area in Walibi, for example. Here you can recover and have something to eat and drink. But beware because even here the demons can come and surprise you just like that. They will do everything they can to frighten you all over again. If you no longer dare, you will have to leave the park.

What are the characteristics of a horror clown?

You recognize the horror clown not only by his external features. He often also has a deeper underlying story that put him in this situation. In addition, they often have a wicked/ sadistic sense of humor. However, there is still a difference between characters. One clown is only looking for people to scare them, where as the other has murderous thoughts. In addition, these demonic creatures are everywhere and you never see them coming. Often they are not alone so there is an element of surprise. This causes even people with nerves of steel to be startled by them. This does not always have to be violent. In fact, they also make your nightmares come true. Where one is afraid of a doll, someone else is afraid of a hug from this clown. It is always a challenge to scare as many people as possible.

How do they make sure you get the scare of your life

A horror clown will do everything possible to scare you. They make your worst nightmares or fears come true. For example, some people are very frightened by blood. But another person, on the other hand, may be frightened by insects or spiders. These they unexpectedly put on the back of your neck so that total fear arises. There are also people who have fear of dolls and stuffed animals. In addition, many people are also afraid of the objects a horror clown may bring. They often carry a knife or an axe with which they can scare the hell out of you. However, these are of course fake, but you don't know this when you come face to face with them. Also, many people are simply frightened by the idea of someone suddenly appearing or standing behind them. This is the easiest trick though!

Hosting your own Halloween party with a horror clown

You can also hire the horror clown for a big Halloween party with your club, association or class, for example. In this way you undergo the worst terrors in a spacious location. They are also sometimes used for the hazing of students. While they are sleeping, these characters gently wake them up and give them the fright of their lives. It is also common to organize themed parties where you can have a drink with them. But beware because if you tell them too much they know exactly how to take you for a ride. Often they have hidden things in the house or in their pockets with which they can take you for a ride. After all, they are always well prepared and can make sure that the unexpected will come out.

Why do people continue to be frightened by the horror clown?

The horror clown always strikes at a moment of inattention. He or she will then scare you because you don't see it coming. Also, of course, they know how to surprise you well when the plan fails several times. They always have the whole evening to achieve their goal. In addition, it is also fun to take people into a game. Their fate is then in their hands and anything can happen, but you never know exactly when. Sometimes he makes you wait and when you just think it won't happen again then it strikes. They are people connoisseurs who know exactly when to strike. There are very few clowns in the Netherlands who have not managed to do this. After all, you can't always stay on your guard. So be careful because they will take you down well!


The horror clown can be anywhere during Halloween. So it is always a surprise where he will appear and whether he will pay a visit to you. He will do everything so that you will not forget him or her. They pull out all the stops to scare people. Where one is afraid of sounds, another is afraid of people or objects. However, most people are still most frightened when this clown suddenly appears at your feet. Even though you are so wary and you know what can happen they still get you. This is because you don't recognize them and they all look unique. This still keeps you scared every year.

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