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Where can you rent a speedboat?


On the internet you can find many addresses for renting a speedboat. But you can also ask your local tourist office. They often know where you can rent a boat in the region. At a big rental company they can also advise you. Are you going for speed or do you want to sit on the water for a long time? But they also know how to answer questions you might have. You do not need a license to rent a boat. Throughout the Netherlands you may sail almost anywhere. You can see this on the online watermaps but also in the sailing books that you will find on board.

Speedboat hire breakdown

When you rent a speedboat and you have a breakdown on the way you should call the rental company immediately. He or she can probably explain over the phone what the problem is and how you can solve it. Do you run out of gas or does the engine stop completely? Then they usually come to you with a ship or another speedboat. But they may also bring you a jug of petrol. Make sure you do not sail too far from the rental company. Otherwise you might have to wait on the water for quite some time and you won't be able to go anywhere. Usually these companies have a route you can follow to get to nature or other objects.

Speedboat rental online

In a time where digitalization is making a big advance you can expect this also with a speedboat. Often you can make reservations before you rent a speedboat. Some companies even offer the possibility to pay directly online. You can also check out the characteristics of different boats online. This way you know what you are getting into and what the possibilities are. There is often a lot to discover on the water. Whether you are a nature lover or just enjoy sitting in the sun on the open water. A sailing license is not necessary so everyone can drive a speedboat. With small children it is wise to arrange life vests.

Various models speedboat rental

Most providers have different models of speedboat that you can rent. Pay attention to the speeds they can sail. Officially you need a license above 20 km per hour. Depending on the model you choose you can be provided with all the luxuries. Some boats have a fridge on board where you can keep your drinks cold. With a speedboat you can also do water sports like water skiing or wakeboarding. This makes the day out completely complete. Make sure there is always someone who can swim or that you have life vests on. This is to prevent accidents.

Speedboat rental and training

Some rental companies offer a training before you rent a speedboat. So you can already learn the main features of the speedboat. Usually this is done in 1 or 2 days. So you can for example sail the rest of the week. The advantage is that you also know how to solve common problems on the water. So you are not dependent on the company before they come and visit you on the water. A golden tip is to always make sure you have a jerry can of petrol on board. That way you can refill the tank when you travel long distances. But also when you unexpectedly run out of fuel on the water.

Advantages of renting a speedboat

The biggest advantage of renting a speedboat is that you don't have to buy one. Often you only use it a few times a year or only when you go on vacation. Therefore renting a speedboat is much cheaper. But besides that you can also try the more expensive models. You will have some extra luxury on board. And by renting it, it doesn't even cost that much. And everywhere in the Netherlands you have them available. When you have to transport it from home it costs a lot more time, money and effort. And what about roadside assistance. And the professional explanation you get about the different models.

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