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The parasol base on wheels is chosen by more and more people. Many people choose this when they have a large garden. This way, they can move it anywhere. In addition, this way you can always sit in the shade. After all, you always have the sun in a different place throughout the day. Many people experience problems with the sun in the morning or just towards the evening. Because this parasol is easy to move, you no longer have this problem. These parasols are available in a variety of sizes and models. You can choose a compact version, but also a square model with a large coverage. In most cases, it weighs a maximum of 60 kg, making it easy to roll it to another place with its wheels. A floating parasol can weigh up to 120 kg.

A floating parasol base mobile

The floating parasol base on wheels is often shaped like a roof, making coverage even better. Sometimes they come with a convenient platform under which there are wheels. Of course, this can also be placed right under the parasol base. Also, they can often be adjusted just a bit higher so you can optimally enjoy the shade. In addition, it is often also bendable so you can also easily tilt it for a smaller spot. You can also use this feature so that you are not looking into the sun when you are outside reading a book. 

Most people here choose a canvas of 3 by 3 meters. This variant then usually weighs around 90 kg. You also have them with 120 kg and a larger cloth. Depending on the physical condition, you naturally pay attention to the weight in addition to the effect. If you want a cloth to float then you don't want the wind to beat under it. The greater weight prevents the parasol from falling over.

The classic parasol

You can also get the classic parasol base in a wheeled model. Depending on the model you choose, the parasol can weigh up to about 60 kg. Most people choose a finish of granite instead of plastic. This is because it has a better carrying capacity. It usually has a stainless steel tube on which you can set the parasol. In addition, granite can withstand all weather conditions which also prevents color fading. This hard type of stone can also withstand hail and storms and will not be damaged. This is due to the scratch and impact-resistant function of this natural stone type. Because it is not too heavy, you can easily move it to where you want to sit. Many people change place during the day and then it is easy if the parasol can move with them. Most Dutch people prefer to sit in the shade.

The parasol base with wheels is mobile

You often see wheels under the parasol base to move it around. This allows you to move the heavy weight of up to 120 kg easily. Most people can't lift this weight easily and it's also bad for the back with an incorrect posture. This is not only seen with the floating parasols, but also with the classic parasol with stick.

The only disadvantage is that the base is not easy to move in gravel with wheels. For this, there is no other solution like lifting the parasol base. Most people sit in a different place in the garden several times a day. Sometimes you cannot escape the sun, but even then you can find a cool spot. You can then roll the parasol to that spot to ensure that you can relax in the garden or on the patio.

Parasol base wheeled developments

There are more and more new developments of the parasol base mobile. Previously, the parasol was mainly made only of plastic but this was very vulnerable to weather conditions. Therefore, since a few years it is possible to have the base made of granite. This is a natural stone that is impact and scratch resistant and thus offers perfect resistance to all forms of weather conditions. In addition, children cannot damage it either, allowing you to do with the parasol for life. That too is important in a world where sustainability is becoming more and more central. Also, the wheels are also a wonderful solution because you no longer have to lift heavy. This caused many people muscle problems and it is not nice to put so much effort in 30 degrees or more.

What are the costs of this

As more and more people choose the parasol base on wheels, it also becomes a lot more affordable. We see more and more that it only saves a few tens when you compare it with a similar model. This is definitely worth it because you don't have to lift anymore with the hot days and you also take care of your muscles. There were many people with back and other muscle problems during the summer due to heavy lifting or lifting in the wrong position. It's an investment in your future that ensures that you also no longer stress about finding the perfect spot for the umbrella. So you are a lot more flexible and also in case of unexpected visits you can easily drive it to another place. You can do this for the people who want to sit in the sun, but also for the people who want to sit in the shade.

The disadvantages of a parasol base on wheels

There are not many disadvantages to the parasol base mobile, but we want to be transparent about this. One of the disadvantages experienced is that the ground must be stone or tile. This is because in gravel and on grass, the wheels get stuck. So it is important to have a flat surface for use. Preferably not loose stones, but proper smooth tiles. You should also pay attention to the weight of the parasol itself. When you have a parasol of the same weight as the base you will find that it can hardly be moved. This is why the new models have a light rod and thin cloth on them. This is the best way to move it and this is also the reason why you buy it. A heavy parasol lends itself best to being anchored in the garden without a base. Most people do this directly between the stones or tiles.

Conclusion parasol base mobile

The parasol base on wheels is a fine invention that has emerged in recent years. You have various sizes and weights of these parasols. People often choose the floating parasol that you can adjust horizontally in addition to vertically. Most people also choose a rod that you can adjust in height. Do pay attention to the surface of your garden or terrace. Because there are wheels at the bottom of the parasol base, it must be a flat surface to move it safely and quickly. One tip is to choose a base made of natural stone such as granite. This is because this is scratch and impact resistant so it can last for decades.

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